Why Should I Get Vaccinated?

According to the CDC at least 940 individual cases of the measles have been reported in the United States in 2019. It’s May by the way, were not even half way through. 19 years ago the measles was declared irradiated. So why has the measles resurfaced? I’ll tell you why… because people are fucking stupid. I mean that. If you don’t vaccinate yourself, or more importantly your children. You are fucking stupid. Not only are you fucking stupid, you’re also a danger to the people who are less fucking stupid than you. So go get vaccinated.

Let me be very clear: VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

I have two very serious problems with the vaccines cause autism ‘theory’.

  1. In what insane alternate universe is having an autistic child worse than having a dead child? Vaccines causing autism is NOT, and I repeat NOT a thing. It doesn’t happen. Nope Nope Nope. But fucking aye, even if you are fucking stupid enough to think that they do, how is that not better than the alternative? — “Guess we’ll just opt for Polio.” — “How bad could SmallPox be?” — “Maybe if they’re just dead, we won’t have to put in any extra effort as parents.” — This has got to be the conversation you’re having with yourself right? Or maybe you just don’t think at all.
  2. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. A little louder for the people in the back. VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM. So why are their still people who think this? I’ll wait… That’s right, because they’re fucking stupid. This crazy theory came about from one doctor. A doctor who lost his medical license for making this shit up.
    Andrew Wakefield conducted a study that revolved around 8 kids that he determined ‘showed signs of autism’ merely days after receiving the MMR vaccine. His study was not approved by the ethical board of his hospital. He paid kids at his sons birthday part for their blood samples. He was employed by a legal team who’s goal was to find a link between vaccines and autism. It quickly became clear that the entire thing was a farce to gain income and status. The journal in which the study was published retracted it. This man then lost his medical license. Now you know, and maybe you can quit being fucking stupid.

Vaccines are a Good Thing

Vaccinations save lives. Millions of them. They irradiated some of the most deadly diseases known in the world, and they will continue to do so if people continue to get them. Vaccines work because heard immunity works. Because if the masses are immune to a disease, they aren’t passing it around to the people who have compromised immune systems.

People who don’t vaccinate are the problem. People who don’t vaccinate caused this measles outbreak, and they will cause more if they don’t wise up.

When you don’t vaccinate, you are putting others at risk. You are knowingly endangering the lives of infants, and individuals with compromised immune systems. You are knowingly endangering the lives of your own goddamn children. The measles outbreak may be the largest impact we’ve seen so far that is directly related to Anti-Vaxxer’s, but if things don’t change there will certainly be more. The CDC ranks ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ as one of the Ten Threats to Global Health this year.

This is 100% preventable. Get Vaccinated. Get Your Kids Vaccinated. Prevent Global Pandemics. Stop Being Fucking Stupid.

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