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My top 5 struggles

Blogtober Day 1: My top 5 Struggles

I decided to participate in Blogtober this year to put myself out there so you can get to know me better. I thought I’d start by opening up about my top 5 struggles with life. Parenting This is a subject I’ve breached on this blog a few times, but not as much as I’d like. […]

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Single Parenting Expectation

Single Parenting: Expectations Vs. Reality

Maybe you’re new to this single parenting game, maybe you’re a seasoned pro, or maybe you’re just curious about the life of a single parent. Either way, I hope to overturn some common misconceptions about single parenting. Without further ado, this is Single Parenting: Expectation Vs. Reality. Single Parenting Expectation: People Will Look Down On […]

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Single Parent

Working Full Time As A Single Parent

Today I took my child to work with me. We recently changed our schedule so that no one has to go into the office on the weekends. Now every other weekend either myself, or my coworker Callie will work from home. This means I can spend every weekend at home with my son. Last weekend […]

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