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Myostatin-Disorder: Super Strength

Myostatin-disorder: Super Strength

This is the second installment of my real-life superhumans series. I’m excited to share stories with you about disorders that have created real world super-humans. In this post, I will be discussing Myostatin-Disorder, a condition that gives the individuals affected super strength. What is Myostatin? Myostatin essentially regulates muscle growth. It is a protein that […]

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Good Omens – Another win for Neil Gaiman

I’ve just finished watching Good Omens on Amazon Prime. It was a spectacularly fun show. If you love Neil Gaiman and David Tennant, you’re in for a treat. 10/10 would recommend. I must admit, I was hesitant going in. I hated what Starz did with American Gods. You might say I’m a bit of a […]

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The Water Fluoridation Controversy

I went to the dentist a couple of days ago, and it was horrible. Really just the worst experience. I was poked and prodded at, which is to be expected. Then I was shamed about my dental habits, also expected, equally frustrating. This wretch of a dental hygienist even ridiculed me for not spending enough […]

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Is the Earth Flat?

Is The Earth Flat? I think not.

No. It’s a sphere you fucking moron. You can literally see the curvature of the earth from a goddamned airplane. Ancient Greeks figured out the earth was round over 2,000 years ago, just by pushing a stick in the ground and watching its shadow all day. The sun is a sphere, the moon is a […]

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Why Should I Get Vaccinated?

According to the CDC at least 940 individual cases of the measles have been reported in the United States in 2019. It’s May by the way, were not even half way through. 19 years ago the measles was declared irradiated. So why has the measles resurfaced? I’ll tell you why… because people are fucking stupid. […]

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