Category: Financial Freedom

Working Alone

Where to Work When You Hate People

I have two jobs. This blog, and an 8-5 full-time position. My 8-5 is not perfect, it involves a cubicle and a more micro-management than I like, but as far as office jobs go – it’s not awful. I managed to land a job with a small company, with few coworkers, and they mostly share […]

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Credit Mistakes

5 Giant Credit Mistakes I Made and How to Overcome Them

Over the last few years, I’ve boosted my Credit Score from a 435 to almost 750. In my early 20s, I made the worst possible financial decisions, and I paid for it for years before I decided to turn things around. I learned the hard way why a credit score is important, and how to […]

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Increase Your Savings

Increase Your Savings Balance in 3 Easy Steps.

Having trouble squirreling away funds for winter? I used to be the same way, but by using these 3 easy steps, I’ve tripled the amount going into (and staying in) in my Savings Account. So if you’re wanting to finally take that long overdue vacation, make a down payment on a home, or just have […]

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