Blogtober Day 3: Politics

In the spirit of opening up, I’m tackling another big topic for day 3 of Blogtober. Because politics are such a controversial topic, I feel like this warrants another disclaimer. These are my opinions, If you don’t like them, feel free to let me know. I’m not easily offended, and I’m open-minded enough to hear all sides of the issues. I love a good debate, but I’m not here to tell you how to think. That said, here are my political views.

The Current Political Climate

I am honestly exhausted by the current atmosphere here in the US. The only consensus with our politicians and news media seems to be that there can only be one correct side to an issue. The discussions have become very black and white, and in reality, there are good solutions if we allow room for shades of grey and compromise.

We need to stop looking at every issue as Democrat and Republican, or conservative and liberal. These are human issues, that make a real impact on the lives of everyday people. Instead of looking for problems in politics, we should be looking for amicable solutions.

Fiscal Policy

I lean towards conservative politics on fiscal and economic policy. I’m all for social programs, but we need to have a way to pay for them. The basic economic problem is scarcity. There are not unlimited resources on this plant. Paper money has no value without the resources that back it up. Money is nothing more than a tool for trading goods and services, so printing more money is not a feasible measure (as I have unfortunately heard some politicians discussing recently).

Taking money from the top 1% sound’s great in theory, until you realize that even if you took it all you couldn’t even cover the current student debt. In the process, you would hurt the businesses run by these individuals, or run them out of the country entirely. That’s not to say that these individuals couldn’t assist in solving some of our monetary problems. I do not, however, believe that this should be a government-mandated issue. The private sector should be able to make decisions autonomously. Our country was founded on freedom, and despite the gap in wealth, I don’t think we need the government involved in our pocketbooks.


That gives me a good Segway into taxes. I’m not totally against them, the government does need resources to function. I don’t like the current tax code however, there are too many rules and loopholes. The tax code is thousands of pages long, and it could use to be simplified.

The FairTax

Personally, I’m a big proponent of the FairTax. This would essentially abolish the federal income tax and payroll tax as it currently stands, and replace it with a federal sales tax. So if you’re on a low income, and you only buy bread and cheese, you only pay taxes on that bread and cheese. And if you’re a wealthy individual who buys planes and yachts, you pay more taxes based on your inflated consumption.

With the FairTax, you keep all of your income, and for those of you who are self-employed or work in multiple states, you don’t have to worry about struggling with confusing tax forms at the end of the year. You have the ability to choose what you’re taxed on because you chose what you purchase.

Social Issues

I tend to lean my politics to the left on social issues, especially the ones that require little to no funding from the government. I’m all for the government staying out of my life, and I don’t think a bunch of politicians should be making my decisions for me.


If you want to get married, get married – to whoever or whatever you want. It doesn’t affect me one bit. If you want to marry a lamp, I honestly could not care less. Now if you’re on the other side of the issue your saying ‘but Kimmy, what about adults that want to marry children?’ or ‘what about people who want to marry their family members?’ – Well, those are extremes, I think you should have to be 18 to get married at all. I don’t even care if your parent’s consent, marriage is a big commitment that needs to be thought through. And as for marrying family members, we all understand the inherent problems with that, and I don’t believe it should be condoned either.

Gay Marriage

I’ll just be blunt. Gay people should continue to get married and lead happy lives. They should be able to adopt children and raise them without interference. If your objection is that your religion doesn’t agree with this, then don’t get gay married. I believe there should be a firm separation of church and state. Your religion should not dictate the law of the land, so keep it out of your politics. And if you have any objection to gay or lesbian individuals raising children, then I’ll tell you right now that that lamp I mentioned earlier could parent better some heterosexuals so it’s really a nonissue.


Another touchy subject, so hold on to your hats because I’m about to drop some truth bombs. Roe v Wade should not be overturned. Abortion should be available throughout the first trimester, and after that looked at on a case by case basis by a qualified physician. It’s that simple. Late-term abortions just for the hell of it are not acceptable, give the child up for adoption and let it have a chance at life. Outlawing abortion all together is also not acceptable, there are too many factors to consider. I am pro-choice and pro-life. This is another issue that can’t be looked at in black and white. No matter what your politics are this is an issue that needs compromise.

Criminal Justice Reform

Let’s stop locking up non-violent offenders, and pouring money into the prison system. I once got caught with less than half an ounce of weed in my car, and it cost me a night in jail and nearly 5,000 dollars in fees. 5,000 dollars that I didn’t have. Luckily I had a supportive family to help me. It’s no wonder that drug users turn into drug dealers to pay their fines, and end up right back in jail. It’s a bad system.

Rehabilitation facilities need to be more widely available, especially to low-income individuals. If we are going to subsidize anything, I’d much rather it be in the name of rehabilitation and mental health facilities, instead of prisons that don’t address the real issues. That’s not to say that murders and rapists shouldn’t be locked up, but the drug offenders and non-violent crimes make up over half the population of federal prisons. Check out these statistics.

The Student Loan Crisis

This one makes my head hurt. On the one hand, I would love to see the Student Debt wiped clean. My personal student debt weighs on me, and having it erased would be a huge burden off my shoulders. On the other hand, I knew what I signed up for when I took out those loans. I also am aware that there’s no reasonable way to wipe that slate clean and not cause an economic crisis.

Politics aside, the real issue that we need to be looking at in the future. The cost of higher education is just too high. In my opinion, we need to restructure the higher education industry. More universities should be focusing on low-cost online classes, especially for gen-ed courses. Textbooks could easily be available with updates for nominal fees online, rather than the outrageous amount they cost currently. And multiple editions are really unnecessary if you aren’t publishing hardback copies. If students are learning from home, then the cost of the brick and mortar institution goes down considerably, which should cut the cost of tuition.

What is my Party Affiliation?

The easiest thing for me to say is that I don’t have one. I’ve never been a straight party voter or a single-issue voter. I am a registered Independent, and I hope within my lifetime to see a change it the two-party system. If I had to pick a label, I’d say I probably identify most with the Libertarian party, although I don’t agree with them on everything. Mostly I think it’s important to pick candidates based on all of the issues and their leadership abilities.

What do you think?

Let me know what you think in the comments. Are you a political junkie? Or could you care less? Even if you don’t agree with my politics I would love to hear your opinion.

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18 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 3: Politics

  1. Politics don’t interest me at all, but this post was interesting! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Have never had interest in politics at all .thanks for sharing this though been able to learn one or two from this

  2. I honestly hate politics! I like in the UK so you can imagine what a mess this country is in as well. I don’t even know what is going to happen after the 31st of October and how it will affect us, people who are not British citizens….

  3. First of all, I appreciate that you have written something different on your blog that too on politics. Only few people ( Bloggers ) write on politics. You expressed your views and I respect them.
    I am from India and in India now we have state elections. Very bad politics here. Specially for these state elections. Result will be declared on 24th October 2019.
    Thank you for sharing your political views.

  4. Politics is one of the most hated topics when it comes to blogging or sharing but we need to understand that right kinf=d of politics and rules of government should be put front as many people might miss that!!

  5. I try not to get into (or discuss) politics haha it never ends well!

  6. This is a great topic because I am passionate about politics. I used to be a Republican but now identify with Democrats, although I don’t like the party’s choices or stances at times. I live in Japan where healthcare, daycare, and SSI is paid into on a sliding scale based on your income and not on what disorders or diseases you have. The problem with the US right now is that education is too much (even daycare is not affordable anymore) and private health insurance is on a “one price fits all” scale that doesn’t think about people’s income. That and going to the hospital is a lot of money.

  7. Im not in tune with American Politics. But as for the other issues you tackled, such as marriage, I think it’s really very tricky. I want to keep the sanctity of marriage between man and woman, but the Bible also said do not divorce and recently I found out that these are not strict rules.

    Ultimately, I think everything is between you and the Lord. I am not in the position to judge someone else.

  8. Politics is always a negative topic. I love the current Philippine administration but reading the twisted headlines disappoint me.

  9. Politics is really a great topic for a discussion, but sometimes, I couldn’t keep up and it gets quite boring for some people.

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more on most of these topics. I find myself leaning mostly left but I don’t really feel like one party fits either. Especially in local politics, I’m not a straight-ticket voter.

  11. I usually listen when people discuss politics because everyone has their own opinion and thinks theirs are the best. Now I am reading your post and get informed.

  12. I keep hearing about this… Students loan. I think it’s BS and should be abolished. I had this talk with my bf (he’s American) along time ago. Me being a degree holder, I encouraged him to go to college because let’s be honest, most companies look at your credentials/certificates more than skills (which is sad). He then told me how awful the system is and he didn’t want to go into debt. I met a few of his friends who also went to college and they’re still paying for the students’ debt.

  13. Thank you for posting that. I see that our political views are aligned in the realm of reality and accountability. I too would want to have the two party system and the electoral college system revised to be more rational and provide an alternative other than the two polar opposites (conservatives and progressives). Most people live in the grey area in between and make the least bad choice at the polls under the current system.

  14. Nice point-outs you got there. Politics is really crazy!

  15. Great post! I agree many of these are subjects most people don’t like discussing because of how much of a fight/argument it can turn into.

  16. These are very important topics that needs the utmost attention. Great post.

  17. I don’t see many political blog posts. Kudos to you for sharing!!

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