Blogtober Day 2: Religion and Spirituality

For today’s edition of Blogtober I decided to really go for it and discuss my philosophy on religion and spirituality. I feel like I need to give a little bit of a disclaimer before we get started, I probably don’t believe what you believe, and that’s okay. I honestly don’t care what you believe, or what anyone else believes. I’m not going to try to convert you, or convince you, that what I believe is right – or that it is the only path to take.

Everything I talk about today is my opinion, and it’s not meant to tear down anyone else’s views. I will, however, discuss why I don’t fall in line with some of the major religions, and if that offends you, then feel free to troll me in the comments. I can assure you that you won’t offend me.

How I Was Raised

I grew up with a Catholic father and a Pentecostal (Assemblies of God) mother. Neither of which are regular churchgoers, though my mother attended Sunday services when I was young. My grandparents on my mother’s side were extremely religious. My grandfather was a missionary and the treasurer for our church. This meant I went to church every Sunday and attended Missionettes on Wednesday evenings. I participated in all the church pageants and plays.

When I Lost My Faith

I lost faith in Christianity very early, I think I was 4 or 5 years old when I realized it wasn’t for me. I have a very specific memory of being in Sunday school, after a grueling week at preschool, and asking how the world could have been created in 7 days if dinosaurs had lived millions of years before humans. Rather than give me anything close to an answer, I was scolded and told not to believe what they taught me in school or deny the word of god.

Not long after that, I got my first Hanson cassette tape from my cousin. Yes, I said cassette tape. This was like 1993, okay? I digress… When I proudly took my new tape to my grandmother’s house and push play, I was scolded again and told I would go to Hell if I kept listening to rock music, and that my mother was at fault for allowing me to keep such a thing.

I was a curious kid, I wanted my questions answered. I wanted to enjoy listening to music. And I never got over it. From that time forward, I went through the motions, but I never really believed. My grandparents passed when I was 6 years old, and I unenthusiastically went to church with family friends for a few years then slowly tapered off.

Religious Interests

As I got older, I became more and more interested in other religions. What can I say, I was a curious kid. I was always interested in what other people believed, why they believed it, and how they practiced religion. So I went to church with friends. Checked out Catholic, Baptist, and Protestant churches, and I was just disillusioned with Christianity. I looked into several other major religions, and never found a real connection with them.

I had some friends who were very into Wicca, and I found solace in that group. So practiced as a solitary witch for years, and went to a few open meetings with covens as an adult. During this period I continued to study other religions, and I tend to lean towards those that are polytheistic. Now I find myself more enthusiastic about my spirituality than any one religion.

What I Believe Now

I find it difficult to believe that there is only one almighty deity that lives in the sky. I consider myself to be a strong agnostic with a well-rounded philosophy about religion and spirituality. My philosophy is that there is room in this world for both science and magic. I think that we all share a piece of the Devine within us, and I meditate to nurture that part of myself. I also believe that we have a spiritual connection to this earth and that we should treat it well. Crystals, herbs, and tarot cards all find a place in my spirituality and believe that there is a power in the cycles of the moon and the solar system.

My thoughts on the afterlife, and whether or not it exists. First and foremost, what I believe is that if you are a good person good things will come back to you. I believe in shades of grey, and that as long as you are trying you won’t be ‘punished’.

What do you think?

I’d love to get your thoughts on the topic of religion and spirituality. Let me know what you think, and if you can relate in the comments.

If you’re enjoying getting to know me better this Blogtober, then check out my Day 1 Post.

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23 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 2: Religion and Spirituality

  1. I also had a similar thing happen, but my unanswered question was, “If god can hear and see everything, why do we have to go to church?”

    1. That’s a good question. I never really understood the need to have such a large gathering to have a relationship with a higher power. I understand wanting a sense of community, but I feel like religion and spirituality are such personal things that they get watered down by the showiness of it all.

  2. This was a good read. I was raised in a Christian based family like yours, where my grandparents were highly religious and my parents identified as Christian but didn’t go to church regularly. The biggest thing that pushed me to explore other religions was the fact that no one was willing to answer my questions. Any time that I started asking about something religion-related I was basically told that questioning Christianity was un-Christian which really sat wrong with me. Today I identify as an Eclectic Pagan.

    1. Eclectic Pagan is a great term, I think I can identify with that as well. And I definitely relate to the frustration of not being able to ask questions.

      1. Wow, this information is a very greatfull .Thanks author for sharing this information

  3. This was super interesting! I’m agnostic, I don’t believe in one thing, but I’m not opposed to a something, im just not ready to label it. I love discovering and hearing about a variety of different beliefs and religions, and I’ve always found Wicca incredibly interesting – I’d love to know more about it if you ever had the time!

    1. Wow, this information is a very greatfull .Thanks author for sharing this information

  4. Thank you for sharing your views. In my opinion, spirituality, faith, and being human and kind all revolves around love and loves spans across all religions.

  5. Very interesting, thanks for sharing and being open about your beliefs. I grew up and remain a Christian. I rely heavily on my faith, relationship with Christ and church family and these things have always been there for me and supported me in my life.

  6. This was super interesting information

  7. This subject matter always interests me. Having been raised a Protestant Christian those beliefs still reside with me today. It is a testament for mine, that most people in their lives will seek answers and seek out the “truth”. This is the true meaning of religion – from the ancient roots of the word meaning “to tie back”. People by nature wish to tie themselves back to “God”. Obviously though, everyone’s journey and conclusion will be different.

    Great read, thank you

  8. I am Christian and I believe in God, but I believe that faith is more than just a religion or ritual. I believe that true faith is about having a relationship with God as a friend, father, saviour. I also believe in Science–and not only because I am a Dentist and I loved Science the most, when I was studying.

    After life? I believe there is more than just this life. I believe in heaven and hell.

    Regarding your story about your childhood, it’s really sad when people

  9. Really interesting I can relate when you really have alot of questions that go unanswered

  10. I think that everyone is free to believe in whatever they want and whatever makes them feel comfortable. I believe that religion was born to kind of give comfort to people, to lead them believe in something when things to wrong in their life. It’s a way of dealing with death as well, by believing in afterlife.

  11. Such an interesting philosophical post. Something that people have been wondering since the beginning of time. I think a lot of people have a lot of questions that forever go unanswered so I think it’s ok to relish in the uncertainty you have.

  12. We live in a free world where everyone is free to make their decisions even pertaining to religion and all that. Anyway, I’m a radical Christian who grew up in a Christian family. My relationship with Christ is what I love most.

  13. Very interesting read. It made me want to look deeper into religion. Thanks.

  14. I was raised as a Baptist but I stop following Christianity when I moved to Japan because it wasn’t for me, it was for my parents. I am more about nature and just natural things around me. I am also into mystical things.

  15. I was raised in a strict Catholic tradition – my grandma was a nun. I remember praying the rosary everyday and going to church every Sunday. I am not sure what happened but I do not practice it anymore. I believe that there is a supreme being so I try do good things as to not offend Him.

    ps: I fangirled upon mentioning Hanson. I used to have an unhealthy crush on Zac. I still listen to ‘Weird’. I’m sorry, it’s not everyday someone mentions Hanson. Hahaha!

  16. everyone should have the freedom to believe in whatever they want. I myself is a Catholic but my husband is a buddhist. We don’t force each other into our religions but we both make effort to respect each other’s beliefs

  17. Sounds interesting about religion and spirituality I have a strong faith to almighty God I trust him no matter how it is and Believe in him.

  18. Love your honesty and disclaimer! I have recently started on a spiritual journey and believe that we all have an energy that is connected and what we put out we get back. I don’t believe in a God, so to speak, but believe in the Universe. Thanks for your thoughts around this!

  19. Wow. I have never heard of Wicca… practicing witchery. There are types of things in the world.

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