Blogging Income Report September 2019

It’s that time again, time to break down my blogging successes and failures for the month. I’ve got to say, September was my hardest month so far. I felt like I was really on point with my promotion and content strategies, but my results continually fell short of where I wanted them to be. That, however, is the reason that I publish this report. There is a lot of information out there about blogging, but there’s far less information about the struggles involved. So without further ado, here is my blogging income report for September 2019.

What didn’t work this month

Amazon Associates

Honestly, a lot didn’t work out the way I planned this month. I’m still struggling endlessly with Amazon Associates. I started implementing Native Shopping Ads in my posts, and my click-throughs were higher this month than they have been since I started the blog. I still cannot seem to make a sale, and It’s starting to look like I will get booted from the program before I ever do. It’s very frustrating, and I’m not sure how to remedy it.


My other big disappointment this month was Pinterest. It’s been a large driver of traffic previously, but my monthly views dropped significantly. Late in the month, I did a total revamp of my profile, added board covers, and new boards, and finally purchased a paid subscription to Tailwind. My efforts helped, but I still ultimately lost followers and viewership from last month. This led to less growth in my blog traffic as well, and I ultimately did not meet my goal there either. Hopefully, the changes I’ve made will show more upward growth in the future.

Sponsored Posts

I went my second month without doing any sponsored posts. I’ve considered several, but I still didn’t find the right fit. I set up my profile on Social Fabric, and I am hoping to qualify for some opportunities there in the next month.

What Worked This Month

Google Adsense

When I say it worked, what I really mean is that it was my only positive source of income this month. I’m still not getting the kind of traffic that drives a hefty amount of advertising income, but I am still making something, and I can’t complain much about that.

Google Adsense Income: $1.07


I know I complained previously about my Pinterest growth early on this month, but my only saving grace was scheduling my posts with Tailwind. Tribes have been an extremely helpful way to share my content once again.

Social Media:

Aside from Pinterest, my Social Media growth was much better than I hoped for this month. Not just my followers, but my Facebook and Instagram engagement skyrocketed this month.

Blogging Income Report September 2019

My Costs for September

This month my only cost was 14.99 for my first month of Tailwind Plus. It was well worth it, and I plan to keep up with my subscription.

My Goals for September

Facebook: 175 Followers
Instagram: 320 Followers
Pinterest: 2,500 Followers / 60K Monthly Viewers
E-Mail Subscribers: 10

Analytics: 800 Users / 1,200 Sessions / 2,000 Pageviews 

New Posts: 8

Income: $50.00

My Actual Stats for September

Facebook: 230 Followers
Instagram: 358 Followers
Twitter: 539 Followers
Pinterest: 1,756 Followers / 31K Monthly Viewers
E-Mail Subscribers: 29

Analytics: 687 Users / 1,077 Sessions / 1,711 Pageviews 

New Posts: 7

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Costs This Month: $14.99
Ad Revenue: $1.07
Income: -$13.92

I was in the negative again this month, but all things considered, I’m not too upset about how I’ve done this month. I’m still working on building my traffic and, aside from Pinterest, I managed to grow my traffic and social media following across the board. I fell short of a few goals, and I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but that will just make me work that much harder next month.

Goals for October

Facebook: 300 Followers
Instagram: 400 Followers
Twitter: 650 Followers
Pinterest: 2,000 Followers / 40K Monthly Viewers
E-Mail Subscribers: 45

Analytics: 800 Users / 1,200 Sessions / 2,000 Pageviews 

New Posts: 31

Income: $50.00

I’m trying to keep my goals for this month pretty consistent with the growth I’ve been seeing. So my social and traffic goals are modest again. My income goal I’m keeping at 50 dollars, I’d like to do at least one sponsored post this month, although if it doesn’t happen I won’t be too disappointed. I won’t be disappointed, because my main focus this month is Blogtober. It’s a one post a day challenge for the full month of October. I plan to use this opportunity to connect with my readers on a more personal level, so if you’re interested, then expect to learn a lot more about me this Blogtober.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Income Report September 2019

  1. These are a great way of seeing what is working and what isn’t working for you. I never thought to do something like this. I’ve done monthly reviews etc but they were largely in relation to upcoming tasks and mental health, but I’ve never thought to sit down and see what’s working in regards to growing my blog.
    Congrats – you’re doing really, really great!

  2. I love this post, thanks for being so straight forward and covering it all. As a blogger it’s hard to understand what is common when starting out, all you hear is crazy success stories or nobody explains anything clearly.

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