An Introvert’s Guide To Self Care

An Introvert’s Guide To Self Care

The stresses of life are real. Work, school, kids, or any number of other stressors can be a plague on your emotional an physical well being. Because many introverts are uncomfortable with large groups of people, or simply people they don’t know, some of the more common places we look to for self care can be more stressful than helpful. The spa, the gym, the mall, and nice restraints can sometimes be a challenge if you’ve already had a stressful day. That’s why I’ve giving you an introvert’s guide to self care.

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Create a Meditation Space

Meditation offers a wide array of benefits. From controlling anxiety to lengthening your attention span, and everything in between. The best part about meditation for introverts is that it involves quite alone time and reflection. It also only requires nothing more than a quiet space, so there is no bulky equipment or expensive training. Creating a meditation space can be fun as well. Mine has a bean bag, a shag rug, and a speaker for listening to relaxing music. Yours might be totally different, and that’s okay, as long as its a space that helps you relax.

Have a Spa Day at Home

This is my absolute favorite self care practice. Turn on the essential oil diffuser, throw on a face mask, and read a book (or binge watch Netflix, or whatever else helps you relax). Relaxation improves your overall health by lowering blood pressure, slowing your heart rate and improving digestion. It can also improve sleep quality, and reduce anger and frustration – and it has the added bonus of being enjoyable.

Ideas for Spa Day:

  • Give yourself a Mani-Pedi
  • Use foot booties to moisturize
  • Put on a hair mask
  • Use a sheet mask for your face
  • Place cucumbers or cooling pads over your eyes
  • Wear a Robe around the house
  • If your feeling extra adventurous you could even hire a masseuse to come to your house.

Do Yoga

Exercise is important for both physical and mental health, but the gym can be uninviting and intimidating. Doing yoga at home can be a great alternative to going out to the gym. It’s a great solo exercise, and it doesn’t require investing in bulky equipment. It also has the added benefit of being relaxing and improving your mental and physical flexibility.

Take A Bath

Another one of my favorites. Taking a nice hot bath is a wonderful way to destress. It relaxes your muscles, soothes irritated skin, and can even burn a few calories. So light a few candles, bust out the Epsom salts and essential oils and relax.

Keep A Journal

Writing everyday helps to keep your mind sharp. It also gives you a healthy arena to air your grievances with the world, and to set future goals and plans. You can set up a journal however you like, you can just write what you feel each day, or you can use a journal with prompts to help guide you. My personal journal is somewhere between a scrapbook, a planner, and a reflection journal. I personally prefer a large unlined leather journal, this gives me the freedom to draw, paste in pictures, and outline a schedule that works for me. Journaling is all about preference, it’s all yours, so whatever you are comfortable with is the way to go.

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24 thoughts on “An Introvert’s Guide To Self Care

  1. Great suggestions. I love the idea of a spa day!

  2. This is a nice guide but am a extrovert. Lol. Anyways your tips here are helpful too.

  3. I love all of these suggestions. Sometimes all I need is to recharge.

  4. Fellow introvert here…epsom salt bath for the win!

  5. Great tips for those who love to be alone but not lonely! Self-care is so important for overall well being.

  6. The spa idea is inspired! It’s nice to know there’s other people out there who equate going to a public spa to a social nightmare.

    1. Yes, I totally agree. Spas unfortunately make me totally anxious.

  7. This is a great post. Often times, we are so focused on the things we need to do and our personal goals, that we forget to take care of ourselves.

    1. Yes! I’m so guilty of that, but I’m working on having more self care days.

  8. A nice hot bath is a perfect way to distress indeed.

    1. Yes it is!

  9. Yes! This is so true. I love all your tips specially the spa day 😊

  10. I’m too and introvert and dosome of the things you mentioned. It’s so important to take care of ourselves while maintaining the relationships with people.

  11. Yes! I love and do all of these things. Especially yoga and spa night by myself!

  12. Our lifes are much more stressful than in the past. We definitely need to take care of our body and mind. Spa day at home sounds like a thing to do this weekend!

  13. Great suggestions! I actually planned an at home spa day for myself tomorrow. ☺️

  14. I’m actually an extrovert (a full-blown) and I kind of feel guilty for stressing you introverts. My mom is super introverted so I totally understand – people drains her to the nth. She sometimes doesn’t enjoy gatherings even family reunions. A spa day at home is such a great idea – I think I’m gonna get her one of those foot spa machines. Thank you very much for this post and suggestions!

  15. At the risk of sounding quite un-manly (if that’s even a thing) I must say the bath is my most relaxing time. It’s like the day melts out of my body and I can decompress the weight of life off my being. A beautiful suggestion! Thank you.

  16. Great post! I do most of these. I’d love to add a bath to that and the home spa day sounds cool. I enjoy washing and styling my hair. It’s part of my self care obs, but I find it very therapeutic.

  17. Great post. As a fellow introvert, I love your ideas. When I take time to engage in the practices you mentioned, I notice a huge difference. I need to up my at-home spa day!

  18. Love all the suggestion. Creating a meditation space is my fave.

  19. Awesome suggestions, I definitely need a spa day soon.

  20. Having a spa day at home is always such a relaxing thing to do! I love having a day to just relax without having to worry about doing errands or worrying about what needs to be done.

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