7 Misconceptions about Introverts

I recently had my coworkers take the 16personalities.com personality test. One of the more popular variations on the Myers-Briggs type indicator. As it turns out, we’re an office full of introverts. (Which works out okay, as there are only 4 of us.) I am an INTP – Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Prospecting. The types are fairly accurate in my opinion, but I find there are many misconceptions about Introverts. So I’m setting the record straight.

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1. Introverts Are Socially Awkward

While some of us may be shy and clam up around others, many introverts do just fine in social situations. When meeting new people, I have no trouble starting conversations and getting to know people. I don’t however, enjoy this. Social interactions with others are taxing and sometimes frustrating. This is not a trait I often show, and I am sometimes mistaken for an extrovert.

2. Introverts are shy

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about introverts. Being an Introvert does not mean that you are shy, or uncomfortable around new people. It is certainly a factor for some, but this is not a requirement for introversion. I can easily make new friends or chat with a stranger in a coffee shop. I have no apprehensions about interacting with new faces, and I am usually not the quiet type.

3. Introverts Dislike Other People

Okay, truth bomb time, I fit this bill. I possess a pretty large disdain for most other people. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family, but they’re a small group. My disdain for society reaches far and wide. Fortunately, I am more of an exception than a rule. Most introverts I know like other people just fine and enjoy their company. There is however a limit of interaction before most introverts are drained and need time to recharge.

4. Introverts are Quiet

When an interesting subject comes up I will talk your ear off. Being quiet and withdrawn is another one of the misconceptions about introverts. When an introvert is in the right mood or setting, they are apt to be insightful conversationalists.

5. Introverts are overly Emotional or Sensitive

Emotion doesn’t factor into being an introvert vs an extrovert. Sometimes we just need time to regain our energy. If your introvert friend isn’t taking your calls (or cancels plans) it’s likely because they have been overstimulated. This does not mean they are mad, sad, or otherwise perturbed.

6. Introverts are Depressed

Introverts may be reclusive at times, but this is not due to their mental health (if anything, it improves their mental stability). Depression is a serious mental health disorder. It can occur in extroverts or introverts, and it is not caused by your personality traits. It’s important to learn the signs and symptoms of depression, and seek help if you or your loved ones are suffering. It is also important to know that not everyone who steers clear of social interactions is depressed.

7. Introverts can become Extroverts

Personality traits cannot be turned on and off with a switch. Introverts may be able to learn more social graces, and some may get more comfortable in larger groups at times. This does not mean they have become an extrovert. Social interactions will still be draining, and at some point, they will still need time to recharge.

Are you an introvert or an extravert? Do you know your MBTI? Is there anything here you disagree with or think I may have missed? Leave a comment and let me know!

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37 thoughts on “7 Misconceptions about Introverts

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I too am an introvert and find that many people completely misunderstand what an introvert is and or how we as introverts think or feel. Great post!

    1. Yes I absolutely am an introvert! These misconceptions are soooo true.

    2. Yes I absolutely am an introvert! These misconceptions are soooo true.

      1. Yes! There’s so much misinformation out there.

    3. We are definitely a misunderstood bunch, Thanks for reading!

  2. I think this is definitely true. I have social anxiety and am an introvert but when I am around people I’m comfortable with I’m very bubbly! Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Thanks for reading! Introverts come in so many shapes and sizes, seems like most of us don’t fit the stereotypes.

  3. Awesome post. I’m an INFJ and often feel like I don’t fit well into the introvert mold.

  4. I love this and can relate to it on so many levels. Thank you

    1. Thanks for reading!

  5. I totally agree! According to the Myers Briggs test I’m like 97% introverted.. people often assume that because I am quiet, I am super shy and wouldn’t be good at things like teaching and public speaking. It’s always fun to prove them wrong!!

    1. Yes! I score very high on the introverted scale as well, but I definitely don’t fit the stereotypical introvert mold.

  6. As a fellow introvert, I love and appreciate this post!

    1. Thank You

  7. I am not an introvert, but my young daughter is. I feel like reading this helped me understand her more. Thank you

    1. I’m glad this could help you!

  8. I am an introvert and I do need those times to recharge, when I need to be alone. I do ok in social situations and as long as someone else starts the conversation, I can be as friendly as an extrovert.

  9. This is so so true! I think more people need to learn this!

  10. Thank you for debunking introverts. I consider myself to be a bit of an introvert, but I still love being around people and making friends.

  11. I am an introvert and yes people really misunderstand us. Thank you for writing this… I hope atleast now people will understand us..

  12. Well, I’m also introvert inside, but everyone would say that I am an extrovert.

  13. Found this article very interesting. May be at some phase of life I use to consider myself an introvert. But I guess not anymore.

    1. Good read. Thank you for sharing

  14. really interesting blog post! I did know we had so much misconception …

  15. It’s great that you shared this with us. This is also a reminder to be more understanding and open minded on other people and not to easily judge a person.

  16. This post has so many important points!!! It’s important to put aside stereotypes bc everyone is different

  17. I am an introvert surrounded by extroverts. I am going to share this article with them because I am tired of the judgments they pass on me.

    1. I hope it helps them to understand you more!

  18. I learned a lot from your post.

    1. Thanks Janice!

  19. I love this! I’m either an INFP or an INTP, I’m really not quite sure lol. But one thing I heard about introverts vs extroverts is how they get their energy. If someone gains energy after being around people, than they’re probably an extrovert, but if they feel more drained and need some time to themselves, than they’re introverted. So like you said, introverts aren’t necessarily shy or socially awkaward. Awesome post!

    1. Thank you so much. This is so very true.

  20. I can definitely relate to this, I’m an introvert and I’d say I’m very quiet and sometimes awkward in social situations but I know other introverts are different.

    1. Thanks for reading, and for sharing your experience.

  21. I’m totally an introvert but excellent at hiding it. Very insightful blog post.

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